Antimicrobial bra

The Invention is a brassiere to be worn out following breast surgery. The cloth of the brassiere includes antimicrobial fibers that control germs on the skin of the female’s breast area both before and after surgical incisions are healed. The antimicrobial fiber is a synthetic fiber incorporating a silver sodium hydrogen zirconium phosphate ion exchange resin. The antimicrobial fiber includes silver ions in anti inflammatory quantities.


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Breast surgery may be undertaken for any of a number of explanations. A mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast) may be asked to eliminate breast cancer. A biopsy like an open excisional biopsy (lumpectomy) or needle aspiration may be used toobtain a sample of a suspected tumor for analysis. Mastopexy (breast lift) or breast augmentation may be undertaken for decorative reasons. Mammoplasty (breast reduction) may be undertaken for cosmetic reasons or to treat bodily symptoms.Reconstructive surgery can restore the contour of a breast following accident or other surgery, or could possibly be used to amend the contour of a healthy breast to match the contour of a breast affected by other surgery. As in most surgeries, operations of this breastshare the characteristic that an incision or a penetration of the skin overlying the breast is demanded. As in all operations, surgeries of this breast demand a threat that bacteria or other infectious agents may travel through the skin penetration andcause a disease.

The control of germs on the undergarments of a post-surgery patient, such as a brassiere of a breast surgery patient, helps to reduce infection and also to enhance the psychological well-being of their patient. Even a brassiere is worn continuously for manyhours, providing a relatively warm, relatively moist environment where germs may multiply. The problem posed by germs is exacerbated in the case of this post-operative breast surgery patient on account of the simple fact that tenderness and reduction of armstrength or mobility caused by the breast surgery may make maintaining a high degree of personal cleanliness difficult to the patient. The control of microbes in the brassiere of a post-breast surgery patient helps to prevent stress andto keep the psychological well being of the patient by preventing odors or discoloration caused by the existence of the microbes.

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