Biyo trap


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In a conventional way of discovering the number of bacteria in a unit amount of super-pure water, a sample of this water is extracted as well as the bacteria in the sample are cultivated allowing them to multiply. The bacteria therefore treated are thenfiltered and stained, and the stained bacteria are counted under a microscope.

When such a detecting method is employed, it takes approximately seven days to accomplish each the measures, from sampling the super-pure water to counting the bacteria. In case the standard of super-pure water is thereby determined unacceptable,semiconductor devices fabricated through the detection period must be discarded, which increases the average production cost of the apparatus.

The present inventors have suggested a bacteria counter that may detect the amount of trace germs in water within an extremely brief period of time, with the consequence that the production cost of semiconductor devices or so on can be reduced.

A need exists for a device or a system which simplifies the problems described above. The present invention meets these requirements.

It is an objective of the invention to overcome or alleviate a problem of the prior art.

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