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Microbes: The Future of Good Agriculture

Every gram of a good soil contain hundreds of thousands of different microbes’ species. These are the stuff of life. Without microbes in our soil, plant growth stymies relative to its potential. Not even the designed chemical fertilization application efforts can totally make up for our feed needs.

It wasn’t until recent times that science began to realize that mass chemical application over the extended period creates more challenges specifically environmental concerns, resistance of pest and disease and low productivity.

Soil ecosystem have many members, each filing a necessary niche to ensure proper operation. All members have to be present and functioning for the system to work efficiently and correctly. Research indicates that when the soil is full with diverse microbes co-existing in balanced ecosystem plant growth boom and soil carbonation increases. These processes bring about building soil organic matter and removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Microbes provide a foundation for soil biological ecosystem and their population provide an accurate measure of ecosystem health and productivity. As we embark to restore our soil fertility, all farmers should consider the power of microbes inoculates into our soil, which helps to correct many of these negative impacts we facing in the food system.

The ability and possibility of microbe inoculates benefits to our soil is too numerous and too good to ignore! Microbes holds the future to feed the world.

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