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Soil Microbes and Nutrients Recycling


Soil ecosystem is rich with biological diversity of millions of organisms in a handful of soil. Bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematode, which play critical roles in the growth and well-being of plants. I like to think of these millions of microbes under our feet as workers at recycling plants, mining operations and refineries each having specific jobs helping to make nutrients available for plants.

Most of these soil microbes work as “recycler”. These are the decomposers, that take dead plants and animals matter and break them down. If not for these recyclers, you can imagine our world would be a heap of these unusable trash and corpse! Instead, these recyclers use the organic matter to release components that are used as food by plants.

The microbes in return use the organic carbon in the organic matter as food source. Recycling frees up nutrients like phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen that play a fundamental role to plant health. The important of these recycling microbes cannot be overstated, the maintenance of plant-life would be nearly impossible without these hard-working microbes.

By figuring out ways to align ourselves with nature, we develop agricultural system that are self-sustaining. To have a healthy productive soil, both a thriving microbe’s population and carbon source are necessary pieces of puzzle.

As Plant-Grow Ltd, we embark on to growing microbes back to our soils for sustainable, efficient and productive agricultural systems using microbial inoculants bio-fertilizer technology.

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