Our soils are in trouble, over the past century we have abused our soil by adding more and more chemical fertilizer to our farms, this broke the close connection between plants and the soil living ecosystem that co-evolved millions of years ago. Due to this soil degradation has threaten our ability to produce enough healthy food for the growing human population and contributed to climate change.

Naturally, soils are thriving with life, they contain countless and diverse microscopic living organisms and a handful of soil contain thousands of different species. For soil ecosystem to effectively operate, all members have to be present and functioning.

The first step to improving soil health is by regenerate our soils by sequestering more carbon underground this will slow climate warming. Soil organic matter contains over 60% carbon. Losing carbon-rich organic matter from soils may release carbon dioxide, which accelerates global warming.

In addition to protecting soil, is feeding it by with microbes. When soil is full with microbes in balanced ecosystem plant productivity increases, this is due to close interaction and communication signals they deliver. They work together to break down complex organic matter. They work in teams to complete the biochemical processes such as transforming nitrogen into plant usable forms and recycling it from dead plant materials back into dissolved forms

Making soils more healthy will make it possible to grow more food with fewer inputs, which will make farming more profitable and protect our air and water. . As we embark to restore our soil fertility and sustainable productivity, all farmers should consider the power of microbes inoculates into our soil.

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