Plants and soil microbes are said to have co-evolved millions of years ago. Together, they shaped the earth’s soil structure and created habitable conditions for the evolution of plants. Soil microbes are important and play a huge role in supporting plant growth and the ability of plants to use beneficial microbes is the key to the future sustainable agriculture.

Soil microbes are ubiquitous meaning they are the most abundant in the soil ecosystem. They are responsible for driving nutrient and organic matter cycling, soil restoration, soil fertility, plant health and ecosystem primary production. Beneficial microbes include:

  • Those that produce plant growth hormone
  • Create symbiotic association with plant roots
  • Promote mineralization and availability
  • Rivals with plant pests, parasites or diseases.
  • Fix nitrogen for plant uptake
  • Recycle and regulate carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous

Many of these microbes are naturally present in the soil but due to soil degradation over the years. It is beneficial to increase soil microbes’ population as farmers by inoculating them in the soil to enhance their abundance and activity.

Through our bio-innovative technology Plant-Grow is dedicated to give a solution to our soil crisis having produced a bio-fertilizer rich in beneficial microbes to inoculate in the soil and enhance sustainable and productive agriculture practices.


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