Compost decontamination of soil contaminated with methoxychlor

The current invention provides a process of decontaminating soil and/or sendiment containing methoxychlor by turning this contaminant into benign materials thereby decontaminating the dirt to whatever extent desired, either partial decontamination or complete remediation. The procedure comprises treating dirt and or sediment which contains populations of viable aerobic and anaerobic microbes capable of altering methoxychlor into benign materials and being viable under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions.


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This invention relates to a controlled emission process for decontaminating soil and/or sediments containing methoxychlor.

Numerous land sites exist which are polluted with the chlorinated contamination. Most of these contaminants are toxic pesticides and several are believed to be carcinogens. Various approaches are used to lower the contamination of the soilincluding incineration, low temperature thermal description and chemical treatments. All these methods are extremely expensive and may not be suitable for many polluted sites.

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