Drug solution container package and method for manufacturing the same

A medication solution container bundle, which may control degradation of a medication remedy, proliferation of germs, etc.. accompanying the transmission of oxygen in a high level while maintaining characteristics required of plastic medication solution containers like heat resistance, impact resistance, pliability, transparency, and resistance against elution of plastic forming substance, and to provide a way of manufacturing the drug alternative container bundle. A medication solution is contained and sealed in a plastic medication solution container with an oxygen gas transmission rate (25. degree. C., 60% RH) of not less than 200 cm.sup.3/m.sup.224 hatm in twelve hours later being subject to steam or hot water sterilization, also having an oxygen gas transmission rate (25. degree. C., 60% RH) of not more than 100 cm.sup.3/m.sup.224 hatm once the oxygen gas transmission rate is in a continuous state, and thereafter the plastic medication alternative container is steam sterilized or hot water sterilized then sealed and contained along with an oxygen scavenger within an outer pouch with an oxygen barrier property.


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In recent years, plastic containers, that are lightweight, pliable, good in managing properties, and easily disposable, are widely used as containers for containing drug solutions, and as a plastic which creates such a plastic container,polyethylene, polypropylene, or other polyolefin is often used from the standpoint of equilibrium with respect to drug solutions and medicinal safety.

But because of being a substance of a high oxygen gas transmission rate, polyolefins aren’t necessarily suitable in applications of preserving and containing medication solutions that easily undergo oxidative decomposition from the perspective ofquality maintenance of drug solutions, etc..

On the other hand, Patent Document 1 refers to a bundle for infusion where an infusion, composed of an aqueous solution containing amino acids, is filled in a main health container which has a gas transmitting land, and the infusion,filled in the primary medical container, is then contained together with an oxygen scavenger at a secondary packing container that’s substantially impermeable to oxygen.


Additionally, Patent Document 2 describes a Medication solution container film Using an inorganic Chemical film formed on a Minumum of One Facet of a plastic film and Using the following physical Attributes (1) through (4):


(1) an oxygen gas transmission speed of more than one cc/m. sup.224 hratm;

(2) a moisture transmission speed of more than 1 g/m. sup.224 hratm;


(3) a light transmittance of not less than 80%; and


(4) a color b value of more than 5.

Further, Patent Document 3 refers to an infusion container having a gas barrier property and formed of a pulp container having a flexible wall and at least an outlet formed there, and also in which the above-mentioned container wall is shaped ofmultiple layers that are divided into an inner layer and an outer layer with an intermediate layer of polyvinyl alcohol as a boundary, the above-mentioned outermost coating is a polyolefin layer with a thickness in a variety of 50 to 800 .mu. M, and theabove-mentioned outer layer is provided so that the above-mentioned outer layer has a moisture transmission level So (g/m. Sup.224 hrs in a temperature of 40. degree. C. and 90% RH) of less than twice a moisture transmission level Si (g/m. Sup.224hrs in a temperature of 40. degree. C. and 90% RH) of the above-mentioned inner layer; and clarifies an infusion container, in which the above-described container is packed together with a drying agent inside a bundle. The identical file also describesthat, in the above-described infusion container, the gas barrier property of the container wall dissipates immediately even after doing autoclave sterilization. Patent Document 1: Japanese Unexamined Patent Publication No. 63-275346 Patent Document2: Japanese Unexamined Patent Publication No. 11-285520 Patent Document 3: Japanese Unexamined Patent Publication No. 10-80464

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