Although we don’t recommend overuse, it will not affect your plants, your plants simply will not absorb the overuse and essentially the product will not be utilized. You as farmers will know when your plants are needing the uptake of nutrients by looking at your plants and should be added at your desecration.

    It varies from harvest to harvest, we would expect to see a 20% -40% depending on the conditions of your crowing cycle, and the crop that you are growing.

    Why AGN over all other Microbial products?

    AGN is in a world by itself. AGN has been scientifically and lab proven to Elevate Phosphorus, Increase Yields, Create Bigger Buds, Increase Potency, Increase Nutrient Uptake, Maximize the Root System, and stem strength. Side by side studies have shown that AGN has outperformed any Microbial Product in every category that we tested against with unquestionable positive results.

    AGN Soil Rejuvenation is not a fertilizer nor does it have any fertilizer in it. The specific microbes that are infused into our product along with the humic acid that we have added to our product the phosphates to uptake throughout the whole plant through the soil. It is recommended to slightly fertilize throughout the growing cycle.

    What is the best way to store AGN?

    We recommend storing AGN at room temperature, ideally out of direct sunlight and away from hot or cold extremes temperatures

    Is AGN compatible with organic and synthetic grows?

    Yes, AGN performs very well in both organic and synthetic grows. We have had numerous reports from both with excellent reviews.

    Is AGN compatible using a drip system?

    Yes, we have run AGN through many drip systems.

    What is the recommended application of AGN?

    Soil/Coco – Mixing Ratio: *4 ml to 1 gallon of water. *20 ml to 5 gallons of water.

    Hydroponics – Mixing Ratio: *2 ml to 1 gallon of water. *10 ml to 5 gallons of water.

    Dechlorinated water works best. Based on tank size, use above mixing ratio when feeding & recharging system.

    Does AGN have enzymes in it?

    The beneficial bacteria in AGN produces enzymes organically. That is also one of the reasons why plants and microbes have developed together so triumphant, because microbes cycle nutrients through microbially produced enzyme liveliness, which help plants take up soil nutrients. The beneficial bacteria in AGN are like little enzyme colonies, frequently creating enzymes in the growth media and rhizosphere to help convey the uptake of nutrients to the whole plant

    Can you add AGN as a compost tea immunization?

    AGN is already a very concentrated microbial formula and will grow more intensive than required if inoculated at the conception of a compost tea. If utilizing a compost tea, we urge adding AGN to the concluded commodity before adding water to plants to absorb and infuse AGN into your compost tea.

    What is the concept behind AGN and how does it work?

    The technology and science behind the concept of AGN is simple. In any plant, a healthy root system is imperative to support the plant size, yield, stem strength, potency, and overall health of the plant. Using beneficial microbes to enhance your growing medium by fighting off harmful bacteria to the roots, inoculating the root system and replacing them with useful beneficiary bacteria enables the plant to fully mature without any distractions, creating a healthy environment allowing the plant to grow to its full potential.

    Why does AGN have a strong scent?

    We have yet to grow active microbes that smelled good. The bacteria in AGN do have a strong scent, as they are very active and highly significant for encouraging plant growth and overall health.

    Why are there particles in my bottle of AGN?

    It is completely normal to see deposits unsettled in your bottle of AGN, being that it is an active microbial product. We simply recommend shaking your bottle of AGN well before using. The deposits will not harm the effectiveness of the product and will not cause harm to your plants

    Do I still need P-K boosters?

    Initially, we suggest that you keep the same feeding regiment that you are currently using. After using AGN, you may decide to lower your doses. A lot of our customers have decided that they were not getting benefit from P-K boosters after utilizing the AGN formula, and yet still producing great plants with amazing yields.

    Is AGN contrived in cold temperatures?

    The microbes that we use to produce is frozen, therefore the microbes are planned to come back from a frozen state. However, we don’t recommend freezing AGN after it has been bottled.

    Does AGN work with deep water systems?

    Yes, AGN performs very well in deep water systems.

    Should AGN be used during the flushing process?

    Yes, we highly recommend using AGN during the flushing process.

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