• James Gichuru, 54, Potato Farmer. Nyandurua

    I used AGN Microbes on my 15-acre land which I primarily grow potatoes for my own consumption and for sale. I used a lot of chemical fertilizers over the years and I had noticed that my yield was decreasing but ever since I adopted AGN Microbes, my soil is healthier, the yield has increased and my crops look greener and stronger. I highly recommend this product.

    Eliza Kipchoge, 39, Herb Farmer. Athi River

    I have seen a noted improvement in yields and a reduction in bacterial diseases in my crops, especially in my Tarragon crop. The shelf life of my products has also increased, AGN Microbes is the future of farming.

    Paul Sunami, 36, Vegetable Farmer. Thika

    I am a small scale farmer in Thika, having used AGN Microbes helped my crops to tolerate hot temperatures brought about by climate change. It has improved my overall plant growth and increased productivity = higher profits. Hongera Plant Grow!

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