Plant-Grow is a bio-innovation company that provides a platform for agricultural products and environmental water treatment solutions globally.

    Plant-Grow embarks on a new global transformation dedicated to restoring soil health and solving the global water crisis.

    Collaborating with scientists and researchers from several universities and research centers around the world, Plant-Grow delivers breakthrough technologies which will enhance food supply and precious water resources for future generations.

  • Mabilioni ya vidudu vinakufanyia kazi!

    AGN is designed to Increase Yields, Promote Higher Potency & Bigger Bloom

    Billions of Microbes Working For You!

    AGN is Super Concentrated. Use the above-Recommended Application when using with Soil/Coco or Hydroponics. AGN is loaded with Billions of Microbes & Humic Acids. AGN has specifically chosen five different species of microbes to work in conjunction with each other. Also, we have infused Humic Acid into our product to allow prolific nutrient uptake. We have gone the extra mile to create a product that contains billions of microbes, not just millions. After years of study, testing and research, we are confident the selected microbes in AGN deliver the best possible option in the field of biotechnology regarding microbial science.

    AGN Provides Maximum Benefits for All Types of Soil & Hydroponic Applications

    AGN Microbial Soil Enhancer elevates phosphorus levels because the microorganisms used in our product are involved in a range of processes that affect the transformation of phosphorus (P) and become an integral component of the Phosphorus (P) cycle. In particular, microorganisms are effective in releasing (P) from inorganic and organic pools of the total (P) through solubilization and mineralization. The microbial biomass also contains a significant quantity of immobilized (P) that is potentially available to the plants. Microorganisms, therefore, are critical for the transformation of (P) making them readily available. These processes are extremely significant in the rhizosphere zone near the roots of plants.

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