Method for producing high density antagonistic microbe base material and high density antagonistic microbes produced by the same

The present invention discloses high density antagonistic microbe base materials and a way of generating the same, more particularly, a way of preparing high density antagonistic microbe base material comprising the steps of: inoculating a mixture of native germs as principal components to natural medium to acquire primitive bacteria by subculture; and additional inoculating the obtained primitive bacteria in a culture medium consisting of crushed soil from volcanic rocks mineral, combined water and nutrients, culturing and then being exposed to air venting under agitating the cultured substance along the increase in temperature.


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In normal soil environment, quite a few germs take charge and discuss such surroundings collectively, and they always increase with organic substances in the soil atmosphere. Within this mechanism, the germs degrade the organic substances andprogressively decompose or corrosion soil that the nutrient emptied out of degraded materials to cause improvement of growth the capability of the soil.

Growing ability of the soil, that is, abundance (or fertility) of this soil frequently acts as a standard to determine whether the soil is”alive” or”successful” to the growth of plant. Efficient organic and/or inorganic substances are degraded ordecomposed, fused and dissolved and form polymer compounds oxidized, polymerized or shrunk by biologically or chemically reacting such substances which is known as a”decay process.” It means that the soil where such decay processes smoothly andactively performs has high fertility. By boosting the fertility of the soil to result in the active and healthy breeding or growth of plants, it’s achieved that the circumstance and natural environment to be maintained and protected; harvest capacityor yield of agricultural crops and vegetables as well as their qualities be raised; damages caused by pests be decreased; and interference or difficulties at cyclic cultivation be shielded or inhibited.

Products generated by the decay process are polymeric electrolytes having acidic radicals at an outside of molecules containing the electrolytes and are proven that they function to purify the soil by way of chemical response accompanyingwith dissociation of such toxins that are acidic.

Such soil is shaped by a combination of physical, biological and chemical activations, although it is based upon the decomposition mechanism of organic substances caused by microbes.

Since then industrial modernization such as agricultural application, agricultural manners and/or farming methods by utilizing artificial fertilizers are distributed and executed in a diverse application of comparative artwork, and provision oforganic materials to field or farmland. Furthermore, crop yield remarkably has improved by progress in agricultural techniques such as multiple cultivation of single-crops and/or distribution of many different facilities, etc.. On the other hand, the richnessof soil, for example, farmland was quickly decreased every year and addiction on agricultural chemicals is raised so that farms harvest rotation being disrupted were increased; and quality corrosion has been resulted. All of such problems werecaused by ecological collapse or destroy of livings in the soil or lowering of multiple responses of above described microbes.

Comparing B/F values (e.g., relative ratio of Actinomycetes to Filamentous fungi) between of healthful and ideal farmland and of multiple crops hindered farmland, the former is 1000 while it was significantly less than 500 for its subsequent case.Additionally, the bigger multi-crops spinning is hindered, the higher climbing speed of filamentous fungi is. It was well known that about 80% dirt damage by blight pests of crops is caused by the filamentous fungi. It was also verified that if theB/F worth is high, quality, yield or the like are also improved. For that reason, it will be appreciated from the above states that biological activation of soil microbes serves an essential function to such crop yield or quality.

Consequently, continuous use of chemical and/or artificial fertilizers and agricultural chemicals progressively cause collapse of the stability of germs; increase of multi-crops rotation hindered farmland and lowering of their abundance of soil.

Along with the aforementioned, the pollution of surrounding environment we live and the foods we eat that have been induced by such chemical fertilizers and agricultural chemicals raises a question of safety to human beings. As a remedy toeliminate such problem, organic cultivation takes an increasing interest. Nevertheless, the organic cultivation has an alternate problem as yet, for instance, of the contamination of submerged by acetic acid base nitrogen generated during thedecomposition of organic materials due to mass introduction of un-degraded organic materials.

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