Microbial engineering for the production of fatty acids and fatty acid derivatives

Some elements of the invention relate to methods employed for the conversion of a carbon supply to a biofuel or biofuel metric using engineered microbes. Some elements of the invention relate to the discovery of a crucial regulator of lipid metabolism in germs. Some elements of the invention relate to engineered germs such as biofuel or biofuel precursor production.


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Sustainably produced biofuels are an alternative to fossil fuels and might help to alleviate the depletion of easily accessible fossil fuel stocks while preventing fossil fuel-associated pollution and greenhouse gas emission, hence satisfying arising demand for affordable electricity in a sustainable manner. On the other hand, the widespread implementation of biofuel production was thwarted by several drawbacks of present production procedures, by way of instance the competition of biofuel-producing plants withfood crops for agriculturally valuable acreage, or the use of industrial substrates with just limited supply as carbon resources.

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