Multiwell plate

A thin multiwell plate for use in the transportation of microbes, animal tissues, DNA, etc.. The multiwell plate of the present invention includes a sheet laminate, wherein the laminate includes multiple hollow parts where a water adsorbent material is retained. A multiplicity of microbe samples, etc. can be transported conveniently and safely by inducing the water adsorbent material to keep a microbe-containing solution, a DNA sample solution, etc.. In particular, an ultrathin multiwell plate can be provided due to structure with a sheet laminate, hence making the transportation thereof extremely simple.


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Conventionally, substances produced by microbes are utilized as a supply of new medical development. Explorations are made to seek such microbes producing useful materials.

Further, useful materials are made by culturing microbes released genes for cording useful materials (transformant) using recent genetic recombination technologies.

Additionally, from the food business, many different foods have been manufactured by fermentation using microbes. Thus, in the fields of medicine, biochemistry, food, chemistry, etc.. microbes play an essential role and are stored carefully becauseclone microbes are valuable sources. Generally, these microbes have been stored by means of a stab culture method, a freezing method, a freeze-drying method, etc..

Research associations storing the above-mentioned microbes take the microbes when they are requested to supply the germs by other research institutions.

Normally, Transport of microbes is carried out by spotting a culture option of microbes to paper filter and wrapping with packaging wraps, or comprising in ampoule. In the event of a high number of germs, the culture alternative is dividedlypoured to a micro-titer plate and sealed using a plastic sheet or place inoculated in agar medium.


Known multiwell plates for use of microbes are referred to Japanese Patent Unexamined Publication No. 2001-218575 and Japanese Patent Unexamined Publication No. 2002-199874.


On the other hand, the above-mentioned methods for carrying microbes absorbed with filer newspapers suffer from contamination and are ineffective because the amount of newspaper filters increases in the event of large number of microbes.

With regard to the methods of micro-titer plate, agar medium or ampoule transport, there’s a issue of container breakage, which further causes a issue of microbe contamination, and there is a issue of bulky.

In order to solve the above-mentioned problems, the candidates of the present application proposed a lean multiwell plate (Japanese Patent Application 2003-359534). This multiwell plate is exceptional enough to attain the object. However, thismultiwell plate needs to be reproduced by inverting to contact with a culture medium and the like when they are used. Because of this, a position relation between breeds on the multiwell plate and replicated breeds on the culture medium is a mirrorrelation and there has been a chance of misidentifying the positions of the breeds.

The present invention to solve the issues supplies a slender multiwell plate which simply and safely stores and carries a number of microbes and which is devised in this the position of multiwell plate corresponds with that of replicated ones.

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