Process for producing a sterile milk pap

An sterile, degassed milk pap comprising milk plus a swollen cereal product is prepared by mixing heated milk using a cereal item to swell the cereal product through mixing, and then, the mix is heated farther so that vegetative microbes are destroyed, the further-heated mixture is degassed to prevent oxidation of the mix, the degassed mixture is heated under ultra-high-temperature conditions to sterilize the mix, then, the sterilized mixture is heated.


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The invention relates to a process for creating a straight consumable sterile milk pap in a continuous fashion and the sterile milk pap obtained.

In order to produce such a milk pap now, pregelatinized tender cereal semolina is taken and mixed with milk in a temperature of approximately degree. C. A consumable product is then obtained that, in that the amount of addedmilk can be manipulated, is flowable and spoonable. Moreover, with such a product, the arrangement of the grains as well as the flavour of this pap can be assured.

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