Process for visually measuring a microbial activity state during real time

A way of measuring microbial action of microbes in real time includes preparing a medium to enable microbial activity and placing the medium in contact with a suitable sensor. The detector is scanned to give measurement electrical signals representative of location and volume of microbial action, the detector being responsive to some by-product of the microbial action, like an alteration in pH. The dimension signals can then be processed to provide a visual image display, and the screen can visually distinguish between levels of pH action and coordinate positions of the microbial action.


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1. Field of the Invention

This invention relates to a procedure for measuring the condition of microbial activities and more especially a real time measurement with exhibited images.

2. Description of Related Art

The controlled actions of microorganisms are extensively used in a wide variety of industrial areas, such as the brewing of liquors and wines, production of medications, recovery of environmental pollution, etc.. On the flip side, undesirablemicroorganisms do damage in a variety of areas, such as causing many diseases or putrefying foods. In any scenario, it is essential to observe if any microorganism exists or not, and if it does exist, then how active it is.

In general to carry out the above-mentioned observation, microorganisms are actually applied to a procedure (by way of example, the brewing process) and an appraisal is made on whether the required consequences are obtained or not, or microorganisms areincubated at a suitable culture medium as well as the results of propagation of germs have been determined.

However, in some of those above-mentioned cases, evaluations are made on the results in which microorganisms have already carried out some actions or germs have completed their actions, and a substantial time is necessary to get theresults, and it is not feasible to rate the condition of microbial activities in real time. Thus, there’s still a necessity to enhance the measurement of microbial activity.

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