Sanitizing hand cleanser comprising an organic alcohol and silicone based materials

The present growth relates to a liquid cleansing product that effectively reduces the level of microbes on the skin in a relatively short wash time and which dries fast without causing drying and damage to the skin. The sanitizing cleaner composition containing an effective number of organic alcohol to generate a decrease in germs on the surface of the skin, and an additive to keep the skin pH in the assortment of about 4.0 to about 6.0. The cleaner composition may further include silicone to aid further the drying procedure, and emollients or oils for skin moisturizing.


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This invention relates to leave-on, topical antimicrobial compositions that don’t need water to antimicrobial effectiveness when applied to the skin. Particularly, the antimicrobial compositions of the present invention use an organicalcohol based approach to provide an essentially immediate reduction of microorganisms on the skin, a silicone additive to help in the drying process, and an emollient to leave the skin feeling moisturized.

It is well known that cleansing one’s hands with soap and warm water is also an effective means of reducing germs on the skin surface. But if the hands aren’t thoroughly dried, then the trace water residue may harbor bacteria. While thismay not pose a critical threat to the population at large, at a hospital setting where the population is more prone to disease, it is desirable to minimize any contamination risks.

In the past few years, research efforts have been directed toward formulating a liquid cleansing product that will effectively moisturizes the skin without the use of water. Many of these liquid cleansing products include relatively highconcentrations or weight proportions of organic alcohols in the compositions. The alcohols permit the item to dry fast, but also cause the skin to dehydrate into an unacceptable level, irritating skin and causing it to crack and chafe.

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