• Microbes are the New Fertilizers

    Plant-Grow is teaming with microbes for developing sustainable solutions to help meet this challenge.

    Advanced Soil Rejuvenation

    Plant-Grow has specifically chosen five different species of microbes to work in conjunction with each other. Also, we have infused Humic Acid into our product to allow prolific nutrient uptake. We have gone the extra mile to create a product that contains billions of microbes, not just millions.

    Improve micro-nutrient uptake

    AGN is proven to: support microbes commonly found in soil, help increase yields, improve soil-root-plant health, balance soil nutrients, penetrate and loosen clay soils, leach salts from root zones, reduce harmful nematodes, increase nutrient and micronutrient uptake, and increase cathode ion transfer.

    Reduce Bacterial Diseases

    AGN was developed specifically to address the needs of the complex symbiotic processes that must take place in the soil; it has proven to improve root growth as well as better tolerance to common soil bacteria species, infestations of nematodes as well as diseases.

    Shelf life like no other

    The combination of the microbes used in AGN are encapsulated and remain dormant until activated by water. Once the specific formulated microbes are released from the water activation process, they have the ability to become self-splitting and create multi-billions (not millions like some others) of soil microbes.

    Better Quality Food

    Plant-Grow has completed our own side by side comparisons to many microbial products used for plants, with amazing results. We urge you to do your own side by side comparison studies. Plant-Grow has outperformed all the competitor’s microbial products that we tested against with outstanding and unquestionable results.

    Stronger Root & Stem System

    AGN has been developed to provide the soil through the root system with the necessary micronutrients and microorganisms to ultimately support the plant development. These microbes can be chelated and complexes by amino acids making it available to the plants.

    Early Harvest

    Microbials: provide enzymes, metabolites, and beneficial microbial biomass that aid in building soil structure. Humic Acid: provides the necessary amino acids and protein to support an active microbial population to support active and healthy plant growth. This is beneficial for all types of Soil including Vineyards, Orchards, Agricultural Crops, Golf Courses, Greenhouses, Growhouses, Home Gardening & More.

    Restore Soil Biology

    AGN “a Breakthrough Liquid Formula” Bio-Fertilizer produced from the fermentation of the naturally-occurring microorganisms and the ability to penetrate through the soil while enriching with micronutrients, microbial cultures and organic materials in a highly concentrated stage.

  • Case Studies

    Plant-Grow has conducted successful trials helping farms increase their yield and quality.

    Trial Subject - Cabbage Crop - Naivasha, Kenya

    Duration: 4th May 2019

    Trial Subject - Tarragon Herb, Athi River, Kenya

    Duration: 03rd May 2019

    Trial Subject - AGN trials on Solidago Flower

    Duration: 10th May 2019

    Trial Subject - Trials on Tarragon Herb

    Trial Subject - Trials on Chives

    Duration: 20th May 2019 - Continued


    The 1st Application was done on 20th May. The farmer is excited with the results and plans to use AGN LTE on all the herbs.

    Trial Subject - Trials on Green Grams

    Duration: 17th April 2015 - 1st June 2015


    The 1st Application was done on 7th April. The 2nd Application was done on 14th May 15. The harvesting is under progress and initial results are showing good results. Early harvest by 7 – 8 days. Final details on yield by 10th June.

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