Sterilizing air filter

A sterilizing air filter includes a casing, a base, multiple spray devices, a cover, multiple fans and multiple bent tubes. The casing includes an inlet and an outlet. The base is mounted in the casing and has multiple chambers at the base. Disinfectant can be poured into the chambers. The spray devices respectively mounted at the chambers and the cover fitted on the base are both used for spraying in the room. The multiple fans and the multiple bent tubes are used for spreading the sprayed disinfectant between the different chambers and out to the air. The sterilizing air filter not just sucks the air into the bronchial filter for sterilization and filtration but also mechanically pushes the sap out to the air to kill microbes in the air.


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1. Field of the Invention

The current invention relates to an air filter, and more particularly to an air filter for sterilizing and filtering the air.

2. Description of Related Art

Some infecting germs, e.g. flu virus, corona virus, parainfluenza virus, are dispersed into the atmosphere by sneezing and vomiting of patients. When people are in enclosed spaces, wholesome men and women can become infected through theventilation system, such as an air purifier. At this moment, people must wear respirators for preventing such infection. If any method or device can sterilize or filter the air to get rid of the infected germs, people can feel relieved thatthey do not have to wear respirators. A traditional method for sterilizing germs is using 70% ethanol at a sprayer to purge the desirable place, e.g. a table, container or hand. However, the sprayer should be manually operated without a automaticmachine can filter out the atmosphere as well as spray disinfectant to the atmosphere.

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